Monday, June 25, 2007

Smokers harm others. Do they care?

Have a look at this article by the BBC:

BBC NEWS | Politics | Smokers in last gasp stand on ban

Note that the smokers focus only on themselves and their own health choices. No mention is made of the the impact smoke has upon people who choose not to smoke.

Smokers have had their chance to behave like adults and to regognise the harm that their habit causes to others, but have largely ignored such issues.

I support the individual right to smoke. Really I do. But with rights come responsibilities, and it is the responsibility of the smoker to ensure that in exercising their right they do not infringe upon the rights of others, for example by imposing their waste (smoke, wrappers, butts etc.) upon others.

I would rather we did not need to have a no smoking law, but it seems that we must. It is the selfishness and failure, on the part of all too many smokers, to balance their rights against the rights of others which unfortunately means that smokers do indeed need to be "nannied".

In the end I reluctantly support the smoking ban.

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