Friday, June 22, 2007

EU - "non" to open markets?

Recall that an early name for what is now the EU was the "common market". I think one of the key things that the EU can bring to it's citizens is a free, open and transparent market place. The French don't seem to like that, though:

BBC NEWS | Business | EU deal drops 'free competition'

The goals of "social cohesion" and "full employment" are good things to aim for but need to be arrived at by creating the right environment.

Free and open markets create a sound environment within which good things can grow. Forcing the result though market manipulation would be ugly and would end up propping up dying industries. Sarkozy's plan would see us still running steam engine factories just to keep the people who work there in a job, even if it's a dead end horrible job. No thanks. Lets keep the common market and make it even more open and transparent over time.

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