Friday, October 16, 2009

Tube worker suspended over 'rant'

Well, well. Someone has caught a member of Tfl staff bullying a member of the travelling public:

BBC NEWS | England | London | Tube worker suspended over rant

This is the kind of awful treatment which was dished out to Justina in an incident for which I, sadly, did not have a video and which the London transport bureaucracy buried with process.

A key quote from a Tfl spokesman about this recent incident is:
"We do not tolerate members of the public being abusive to our staff but neither will we tolerate members of our staff abusing members of the public."
Hmmm. Perhaps Tfl will at last update the posters they have at stations to reflect that, because at the moment they only tell customers it's not OK to abuse Tfl staff, not the other way around. Both are bad, of course.

To end on a happy note, friends of ours recently lost a wallet on the tube with quite a bit of cash in it. Well, the wallet was handed in and the staff at the Baker St. lost property office were really nice and helpful about the whole thing ... and all the money seems to be there. Most people really are good.