Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oyster & Tfl: No action

A couple of weeks ago I posted the response I received from TfL about the assault and detention of my wife at the Bank tube station by a member of TfL staff. I've discussed this response with people and thought about it. I'm sure TfL don't mind me taking a few weeks to respond to them, after all it took over a year for them to respond to us.

The problem with the TfLresponse is that it includes no action at all. It's all just words again. All kinds of claims are made, but there is no follow through. My sense is that because senior TfL management could not pin this on a minion, they are wishing the matter away.

This highlights the greater problem. There are systemic problems with TfL management, the main one being a complete inability to take responsibility and take action. Look at the wording of their response - it's empty of substance.

Here are some actions TfL can take today:
  • Put up posters that explain to everyone how to respond in the event of an assault by anyone, upon anyone. The current signs are all about protecting TfL staff with no help at all for the public.
  • Put the same information on the TfL, Oyster and LU websites.
  • Have the directors and managers responsible for an area take personal responsibility for problems in their area and take action to resolve those problems.
Real harm was done on that evening last March. It took TfL over one year to produce a coherent, if feeble, response. Very poor. Very poor indeed.

Lastly I feel I must comment on the barb directed our way at the end of the TfL letter. We have not sought financial compensation beyond what the broken Oyster system took when it should not have done. The childish gall in suggesting that we are gold diggers is astonishing, and just plain rude. If TfL feel the need to give to salve their conscience, let them give to a charity.

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