Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MOOXML: sad day for ISO & world

So, Microsoft have succeeded in undermining the ISO standards process to the degree that their half baked non-specification, the Microsoft Office Open XML (MOO-XML) format (which remains unimplemented by anyone anywhere, including Microsoft) has been dubbed a "standard" by the previously trusted standards body ISO:

Official: OOXML approved as international standard | The Register

Groklaw - And now the appeals and reactions while OOXML sits on hold

To paraphrase one of today's quotes: This outcome is a clear loss for the customers, technology providers and governments that want to choose the format that best meets their needs and have a voice in the evolution of truly open standards.

I hope that ISO has sufficient integrity and courage to undo this mess. If not, Microsoft have won a huge victory against their mortal enemy: open standards and an open market.

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