Friday, June 08, 2007

Oyster finds a new low

At the beginning of May Oyster finally agreed to send out a cheque refunding the >400% overcharge for our trip from Waterloo to Bank in mid March. They made no mention of the abuse Justina received from the TfL staff that day. I think we are supposed to just forget that.

Anyway, at least the cheque was on it's way ... or perhaps not. It turns out that Oyster sent the cheque to some old address they had on file. Our addresses were up to date on our online Oyster accounts so goodness knows where they dug up the old address from. They are refusing to say.

OK, so now they know that a mistake was made and that the cheque should be sent to the correct address, the one in our online Oyster accounts. Easy? Not a chance. Oyster have asked me to send in a paper letter by post asking if they would be kind enough to cancel the check they sent to the wrong address and if they would, please, send a new cheque to the correct address which they knew about all along.

Well, given that I have been exchanging written communication with Oyster for several months now via their (truly awful) issue management system I told them I would not waste the paper of the stamp and that they had all the information they needed to correct the mistake and could they please get on and do so.

So, they sulked and didn't say anything for a week or so. Today they came back with "Oh, we thought this issue was completely resolved".

I'm finding it hard to imagine how this could get any more silly. I fear Oyster/TfL will find a way.

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