Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Microsoft: real competition is unfair

Microsoft love to throw their monopoly-backed weight around, but when technical weakness finally leads to a failure in the market, it's not their fault for making poor products, it's someone else. IBM this time:

Microsoft: IBM masterminded OOXML failure - ZDNet UK

But what is funny in this specific situation is that Microsoft blamed Sun as being the sole supporter of the ODF standard not so long ago, and now they blame IBM for the same thing. This smacks of lashing out in panic.

With any luck we are starting to see the market become selective again. That would be good news all around, even for Microsoft because it might give them the incentive to start producing competitive software again, something they have not done for over a decade now.


Andrés said...

You may want to check this out.

Bruce said...

Thanks for the link, Andres. Mr. Gates' answers are an excellent example of how to answer questions as narrowly (i.e. unhelpfully) as possible.

Anonymous said...

Another thing that's really funny is that Microsoft has been telling every body that opensource was comunist, that there was no way to do business and earn money... But now they say that an important and growing part of the 50% of IBM's income comes from that comunist busniness? Me don't understand!