Thursday, August 16, 2007

SkillsBase: going places

With it's latest version, the OpenSkills SkillsBase has a location tree. The new location tree is a folksonomy like the existing skills tree, so OpenSkills members can add skills and now locations as they need them.

People with resumes in the SkillsBase can indicate where they have worked, where they are working now, where they may work (visas etc.) and where they would like to work.

Searching the SkillsBase is still free, and searchers can now narrow a search by location. Searches can be narrowed even further by requesting only resumes for people who may work in the specified location. For example, one could search for people who are willing to work in the City of London.

Not many people have updated their resumes with location information yet, so narrowing by location at the moment many not yield any resumes, but this is changing even as I type.

The new schema allows for more than we have made available through the UI today. One feature that will be released soon will be a link to either a map (e.g. Google Maps) or the Wikipedia page for the location. I'm thinking that a Wikipedia link would be more useful.

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