Friday, August 17, 2007

Microsoft: our way or no way

More stories are coming out about the heavy handed tactics being used by Microsoft to ram their document file format through the ISO fast track process to adoption as a standard.

You can feel the frustration from this member of the Netherlands committee: regrets absence of Netherlands decision on OOXML

The whole committee agreed on a position which Microsoft effectively vetoed. This is quite disgusting behavior, especially when Microsoft claim to be a champion of interoperability.

And have a look at what is happening on the Swiss committee. The complaint from FSFE spells out the issues very clearly:

FSFE, SIUG File Official Objections to Switzerland's Vote on MS-OOXML

In short, Microsoft got control of the chair of the meeting and shut down all argument against their format being fast tracked.

The idea that standards committees work to establish a common position based upon multiple viewpoints is being brushed aside. If Microsoft don't get their way, they break the system.

The gall of Microsoft in this matter is just breathtaking.

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