Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just give me IP

Are there any pure-play IP providers out there?

I don't want any add-ons with my IP service. No disk space. No email. No DNS. No content. No filtering. No phone. No games. No address book. No calendar. No SMS. No free modem. No free computer. Just IP. I just want the IP packets that I create to be sent to the right place and I'd like to have all packets addressed to my IP address sent to me. That's all.

When choosing an IP service I want to know what bandwidth and latency combinations are on offer, and I would like to know if any limits, ceilings, profiling or filtering could be applied. And I want to know the price.

I don't mind what the physical infrastructure is as long as it follows an open standard I can buy the hardware from any one of a number of vendors.

I would like there to be some competition.

Is there any?


Reinout Heeck said...

I think the 'no email' wish is over the top. If you remove that from your list I expect you can find plenty providers (assuming multiple providers are allowed to service your house address in your jurisdiction).

Bruce said...

I'm surprised email is the one you think is hard. I would have thought that was an easy one for the ISP, they just don't provide POP or IMAP for me. I would expect them to ask for a contact email address, though.

I have enough email accounts. I don't need another. I certainly don't need another that I am expected to check for important information from my ISP!

So for me, definitely, no email thanks.