Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An interesting detour or three

Well, I've had a very interesting second half of the year. Unfortunately 'interesting' has not included as much OpenSkills and open source coding as I would have liked, but it has included:
  • Home hunting
  • Home buying
  • A rather exciting trip around the Med' and through the Suez Canal to see Petra, Luxor and Cairo among other things
  • Getting the new place ready to live in
  • Moving into our new home
  • Dad's 8oth (happy birthday dad)
  • And some fun with my paid-for work as I'm engaged with a bank at the moment
But now we have the boxes unpacked in the new place. The Internet connection is good. So, no excuses. I must get on and do the things I have been promising myself and others. The list is long. ... but there are still some pictures to hang and shelves to put up ... ah, well.

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