Sunday, March 16, 2008

An Oyster Anniversary

It's a year ago today that my wife was detained and (verbally) assaulted by a member of TfL staff at the Bank tube station.

After a year TfL have essentially done nothing about this incident. They did give us a refund to cover the financial cost of the bug in the Oyster system, but have not done anything at all about the far more serious matter of the assault. So, what are we looking for out of this?
  • TfL need to acknowledge that there are systemic problems with the Oyster system and the training of station staff regarding the Oyster system. (e.g. staff don't know how to react when the Oyster system causes problems)
  • TfL need to explain what station staff should be expected to do in situations such as the one we suffered. The public should know what to expect.
  • TfL need to explain what passengers should do in situations such as the one we suffered. (e.g. should we have immediately called the police?)
Most of all, TfL need to take this and like matters seriously. Some of their words suggest they are taking this seriously, but their actions say very loudly and very clearly that they are not taking this assault seriously at all.

The TfL method for dealing with such serious matters appears to be to absorb them rather than to respond to them, they are a veritable tar baby. But if TfL are hoping that this matter will go away if they just ignore it for long enough, they are going to be sorely disappointed.

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