Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Get your FUD here

As reported in eWeek, Microsoft have funded another "Get The Facts"-like study:

Study: Developers Do Not Want GPLv3 to Police Patents

Once again, the study group is carefully selected in advance and duly trots out the expected pro-Microsoft response. The report itself is well enough done, but the input data makes it meaningless and irrelevant - unless you happen to want to confirm what Microsoft thinks of the GPL v3.

Sadly, this report will look good in a slick folder and will no doubt turn up on executives desks courtesy of their friendly Microsoft sales person. It is such rubbish that it will cause no long term harm, but it will sap the time of the good guys who will take tame to explain things to their poor deceived boss.

Classic FUD.

p.s. For a more extensive review, see Groklaw.

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