Tuesday, April 24, 2007

St.George Bank: just won't let go

I have a business account with St.George Bank that I no longer need, so I wanted to close it. Not so easy:

o I logged into their "secure" internet site and found that there was no way to close an account on line (thanks guys).

o Sent an email via their "secure" web site asking that they close the account. I gave all account details in this message.

o Received an email message from them saying that I needed to phone a number in Australia at times that suited their staff (thanks guys).

o I called the number given and after a 20 minute wait (thanks guys) I spoke to a very helpful (really) person who told me that I could not close the account through him because it was a *business* account. I had to call a *different* number that was only staffed at times when I (being in the UK) would be in bed (thanks guys).

o I have now been told that I can fax in a request to close the above account as long as I include a scan of my passport

... I'm not holding my breath.

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