Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Popular Stories - Dell Ideastorm

If you want to see a tier-1 PC manufacturers provide machines with pre-installed Linux, give a little nudge right here:

Popular Stories - Dell Ideastorm

Dell are looking for feedback and at the time of writing the top 5 most requested items are:

  • 35,173 votes for a pre-installed GNU/Linux operating system.

  • 18,618 votes to have OpenOffice.org installed instead of the closed-source alternatives.

  • 15,358 votes for bare machines (no operating system at all).

  • 12,201 votes for GNU/Linux on laptops.

  • 9,892 votes for no preloaded Operating system.

So all of the top 5 are asking for fredom of choice in various forms with a total of ~50,000 votes for GNU/Linux, ~25,000 votes for a bare machine and the orthogonal ~20,000 votes for OpenOffice.org.

... and those totals are zooming up!

Will Dell respond to this customer demand?

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